About Our Company

Programmist Russian Translations offers you a variety of English to Russian and Russian to English translation services.


Programmist Russian Translations is located in Belgorod, Russia.
The company has been in translation business since 1992 and has regular customers both in Russia and in the USA, Canada, Singapore and other countries.


Programmist Russian Translations has a small but dedicated team of professionals. We all are Russian native speakers. This is the most important reason why we do translations only in these two languages.


Programmist Russian Translations offers high professional language translation services. We offer economical translation services by human translators with a quick turnaround time.

Our quick translation services save you time and money while ensuring quality translation.

Every our project includes additional proofreading of the translated text by another specialist (professional Russian proofreader).
So you need not any proofreading for our translations.



From Russia with high quality!